Dale Livingston

The boy with lawnmower will take you to the Amarillo/Orel Pairing Project. The light study of the houseplant displays Fine Art photographs. The twin towers link to the World Trade Center slide show and the boy with flag to a couple examples of my early Photojournalism work.
The bat yielding statue leads to
England and France.
Click on the Welcome the Whales Parade to see pictures from Whidbey Island, Washington. The dairy cow is a link to the Panhandle People and Places slideshow.
The Indian Chief is telling stories at Boy Scout Summer Camp in the 1960's. I took these photos awhile attending Camp Napi.
The Cal Farley Boys Ranch Rodeo is an annual event in the Texas Pahandle.

US/Russia Pairing Project

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light study
World Trade Center
Carlsbad, New Mexico; 1980
The Louve, Paris France
Welcome the whales parade, Langley WAsh.
dairy cow
Camp Napi
boys ranch rodeo